Heathside School


Excellent Performance in School Entrance Exams

Once again, Heathside students have performed excellently in school entrance exams, a fantastic achievement particularly given the extraordinary circumstances of their exam year and the changes to the format, timing and location of so many of the exams.

They are a great credit to the school and their families. We had a small cohort of students sitting 11+ exams this year, but they were offered a very impressive array of scholarships.  Our two Year 8 13+ students accepted places at St Benedict’s and Stowe schools, and two of our Year 5 students also did extremely well at the 10+ exams.

Our 11+ team worked tirelessly supporting the children, and their families through the exam process to help children achieve the school destinations that are right for them, setting them on the path for their future learning.

Well done to everyone!