Heathside School

Beyond the Classroom


At Heathside, we encourage the development of the whole person. Our Pastoral Team works to ensure that all children are healthy and happy during their time at school so they can enjoy and benefit from the rich education on offer.

Pastoral Care

The wellbeing of all pupils at Heathside is of paramount importance. At Heathside, pupils are supported to develop healthy and happy friendships with their classmates and peers. Class teachers ensure that their pupils receive the support they need to make the most of opportunities on offer inside and outside the classroom. If a class teacher has any concerns about any pupil’s wellbeing, they will call on the experience and expertise of Heathside’s dedicated teams to provide the appropriate support.

Additional Support

Heathside is an inclusive school, and we strive to provide the ideal learning environment so that every child can fulfil their potential. Additional support is sometimes required to help pupils thrive academically.

A range of support is available throughout the school from our specialist support teachers, Wellbeing and SEND staff. Our focus is on developing pupils’ confidence and self-esteem as well as their learning skills, so that our pupils are motivated and develop a love of learning.


At Heathside we believe that education should encompass all areas of a child’s life, not simply the academic. We understand the pressures that many children experience growing up, and take them seriously.

To help children learn to regulate and understand their own feelings, we introduce children to Mindfulness from a young age.


At Heathside, we are dedicated to supporting each student to develop into a confident independent learner.

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