Heathside School



You will automatically receive your WisePay login information for each of your children shortly before they start at Heathside.


You can pre-order Heathside uniform via WisePay and collect it from school on certain dates. If your child is starting Heathside late in the academic year, please contact us to arrange a time for collection. If ordered during term time, the uniform will be delivered directly to your child at school by the following week.

School Lunches

You can order school lunches weekly via WisePay. Our caterer, New York Café, provides fresh, nutritious and balanced meals.

Residential Trips

Any optional residential trips for your child’s year group will show in this section (for example the Iceland Geography Trip, Skern Lodge, and so on). Please note that day trips are not charged via WisePay and are included on your regular school fees’ invoice. Most residential school trips can paid in manageable instalments.


Clubs and Activities bookings are available via WisePay. Please note only clubs that are appropriate to your child’s age group will appear. Clubs are updated every term and appear on WisePay during the holiday before the start of term.


The Shop section shows miscellaneous optional items related to your child’s age group, such as musical instruments, exam fees, optional learning materials and holiday activities.

PTA & Charity

The PTA sometimes use WisePay to sell tickets for events they organise. More details about the PTA are available on the Parent Portal. From time to time the school or the PTA also use WisePay for charitable donations or to collect funds for gifts.

Starting Lunches or Clubs after Half Term

School lunches and Clubs (with available spaces) are automatically discounted by 50% for any new joiners signing up after half term. No other discounts are available.

WisePay Account

You will automatically receive your WisePay login information for each of your children a few weeks before your children start at Heathside.

Please note: it is recommended you change your initial randomly generated password to something more memorable. After this, your user name will also change to your email address.

It is also recommend that you merge the Wisepay accounts of any of your additional children into your first account. This makes managing the accounts far simpler. Details about this are provided in your welcome email is sent to the primary parent email who you nominated when you registered your child.

If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password link on the WisePay login screen.

Please note the WisePay login for Heathside is unique, so you cannot log in any other way (such as from WisePay’s own website or via a search engine).

If you require any help or assistance with WisePay, please contact us.

If you mainly access WisePay via a mobile device, you may find it easier to manage your bookings using the new WisePay App. Our Organisation Code and further details are shown via our WisePay login link above.