Heathside Preparatory School


Heathside considers your privacy to be your absolute right, and we do everything in our power to ensure that the school website is secure and safe for all visitors. We are completely transparent about any data we collect and the reasons why it is collected.

Our website is only ever used to collect personal information when a visitor voluntarily provides it to us when registering a child for admission at Heathside. Any data provided to us, is treated as strictly confidential and is only used internally for the admissions process. We never pass your data on to third parties for marketing use or unintended purposes. Any mishandling of any personal data by any Heathside employee will be punished under the full extent of the law.

Like almost every website, we do employ the use of ‘cookies’ – little files which may get stored on your device by your web browser. While cookies do not identify your personal details to us, they can determine if your particular device/computer and/or web browser was used to visit our website before. Some of these cookies are essential to the normal operation of our website. Some are not essential but allow us to monitor and improve the website experience. You can disable cookies on your web browser if you wish, but you may lose some functionality. You are informed about the use of cookies the first time you visit our website.

We use cookies for the following reasons:

For security; We use cookies to inform you about the security measures we use on our site. We have a security certificate which ensures traffic to and from our site is encrypted (and warns you if ever for any reason it is not).

We also have anti-malware scanners installed on our site which regularly scan every file on our web server. These security measures have ‘site-seals’ (see below) which a user can click to verify the validity of our site. We do this to ensure our site is always kept safe. We use methods that verify and certify that our site is bona fide and participates in programmes where safe searches list our site and they attest that the website is safe and has a good reputation.

To ascertain if you are a returning visitor; We can determine if you are visiting our site for the first time (on a particular web browser and device), or if you have visited before. For example, links you may have clicked on a previous visit could be highlighted in different colour, or new sections you haven’t viewed before could be made to stand out visually. We also keep count of new and unique visitors to our site.

To determine the type of device you are using; Our website can detect if you are viewing from a mobile device, and whether it is in landscape or portrait orientation to optimise the viewing experience accordingly.

For statistics; Whilst we cannot identify who exactly is visiting our website, we can refer to anonymous statistics about the number of unique visitors we receive, and which search engine (if any) was used to bring a visitor to our site. We can also determine which pages were viewed and for approximately how long. We use this information to gauge the popularity of our web pages to help improve the quality of our site. Search engines only provide this data to us in a totally anonymised format. They also provide us with statistics and graphs regarding times of day and local time zone when the website is usually visited, approximate geographic locations (i.e. countries and cities) of website visitors. Search engines also can tell us how many visitors clicked on a phone number or email address on our contact page to get in touch with the school, and whether they referred to a map to find us. This is standard data routinely collected by most search engines, which can be provided to website owners. More information is available about any data search engines collect via their respective privacy policies. For example, for Google, please see: https://policies.google.com/privacy?gl=uk.

Parents, high school children, or members of staff can also access certain internal portals via the school website to redirect to other password protected sections of the school website for specific purposes. You are advised specifically at those internal sites about any cookies or personal information collection. Staff and children using the school portals, must adhere to our E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policies at all time. Further details about these polices and also our Data Protection policy is available here.